Our specialists carry out   servicing procedures according  to manufacturer standards  using original parts . This  ensures reliability,performance,  optimal combustion, maximum  power, fuel economy and  compliance with emission  requirements


 Because we have the skill to  pinpoint exact problems, we  get things done right the  1st time. This not only  means replacing new parts  only when they should be  changed, but also a shorter  turnaround time in  restoring  equipment back  to operation. Costly  downtime is reduced and   savings  in the long run.


 As a reputable service  centre, we firmly believe  in honesty. This means  giving professional  opinion,genuine itemized  billings and returning all  replaced parts for  customer reference

Vision      : To be the world's first enterprise by creating new value for our customer.

Mission    :
Empowered people exceeding customer expectations

Objective : Total Customer Satisfaction.