Auto Mac Emission Solutions: Dealing in sales & application support of Sensor Nite high    temperature exhaust gas sensors for OEM’s.

Authorized Representative for Sensor Nite N. V., Belgium.

Experience with Engine calibration & after-treatment calibration activity.

Experience with diagnostic & software based fault finding tools on engine ECU’s.

Experience with engine sensors & debugging techniques on modern electronic    controlled engines.

Experience with diesel after-treatment systems such as DOC, DPF & catalytic    converter on CNG engines.

Experience on testing engines on dynamometers.

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Auto Mac Emission Solutions
Opp. Unkal Lake, Taj Nagar Main Road,
Unkal, Hubli 580025
Karnataka, India.
Ph   : +91-836-2210430
Fax : +91-836-2272268.


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Mr. Shrayan J Gotadke
: +91-94484-73825
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