Our establishments are built on fundamental values with correct business practices and quality workmanship at a price that profits customers better when compared with others.

Understanding a customer in total and to fulfill his expectations is our objective from the day of inception.

Our establishment AUTO MAC SERVICES has completed 40 years of service and AUTO MAC DIESELS by 30 years of service that has earned Trust and Confidence, being fundamental to success.

Our organisations are of character and reliability.

The parts used are original / genuine.

Re-engineering for recent upgrades and Refinements is our objective.

Creativity and innovation is always our endeavour with commitment and integrity extended beyond our work.

The customer would be delighted to remain for ever, thus we have bank of customers, increasing year by year.

Our aim is to achieve further excellence in service besides meeting international standards with eco-friendly performance.

With courage and vision we have led and would lead our establishments into a new era of opportunity and growth.

Finally with customer always.